Middle East Media and Policy Studies Institute (MEMPSI)


Informing public policy making in the region and beyond


To build evidence-based planning and decision-making processes, and to advise on change management through policy research, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

 MEMPSI Inception

The Middle East Media and Policy Studies Institute (MEMPSI) was established in 2014 as a not for profit organization, in response to the emerging need for tech-based scientific, credible, and unbiased information about emerging issues and threats in the region. MEMEPSI is an independent Think Tank that produces actionable quality research for policy making on a wide range of issues. Headquartered in Washington DC with offices in Istanbul, Dubai and Amman, it aspires to inform public policy planning and making in the region and beyond through building evidence-based planning and decision-making processes, and to advise on change management in volatile times through policy research, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The Institute partners with international research centres and companies in the United States, Europe and the region, to ensure comparable content quality. It also develops new technology for its policy research whether on traditional and new media or monitoring and evaluation.


 At MEMPSI we provide high quality research-based strategic communications, strategic planning, action plans, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Our extensive network of strategists, and defence researchers, and experts in polling, focus group research, institutional behavior, traditional and new media offer world-class expertise from the United States to Europe and the MENA region. We draw on the expertise of a wide range of pollsters, political scientists, media and communication specialists, former diplomats, phycologists, sociologists, statisticians, linguists, and religious scholars to understand the issues in the best possible manner and provide the best actionable advice possible.

 As our client, you are able to use either our full range of services, or you may require just one of our areas of expertise. We work in English and Arabic as well as French, as required.


Excellent and well examined information supports robust decision-making, and is the foundation of our work at MEMPSI. We take pride in providing high quality qualitative and quantitative research; including traditional and new media monitoring; literature and best practice reviews; data collection and polling; focus groups and expert opinion.


Drawing on a multi-disciplinary set of experts, multiple information sources, multiple analysis methods, we understand the issues and their root causes. Then relate them to their wider contexts at the structural, institutional, political, social, economic and cultural levels. A comprehensive analysis of micro and macro factors influencing the issue is essential for proper solution-oriented strategy formulation. We use intervention logic to assess outcome criteria against possible interventions and provide risk analysis and implementation challenges against all options.


Our advice is evidence-based and logically formulated. Given the complexity and trade-offs implicit in any policy decision, we do not provide a single solution, but rather policy and intervention options with recommendations for you, decision-makers.


We support the implementation of preferred policy decisions through strategic communications, new media promotion campaigns developed by world-class behavioral psychology experts and relevant experts, which we then roll out through traditional and new social media channels. Additionally, we provide other channels to communicate agreed strategies such as meetings with high profile policy makers, diplomatic circles, and public opinion influencers.

 SCOPE OF ACTIVITIES: a blend turning research into action

  • Competitive Intelligence: understand and deconstruct competitor’s strategies and prepare appropriate responsive and competitive strategies by managing the flow of information and directing influencers in real time.
  • Media Production: building on the existing infrastructure of sister company Arab Broadcasting Services (ABS), MEMPSI produces traditional and digital media material for its campaigns.
  • Media Training: given its experience and network, MEMPSI teams are able to train media professionals on production of traditional and new media products.
  • Data Mining to uncover unfamiliar trends and correlations.
  • Monitoring of traditional and social media through online and offline tools are merged into electronic portal specifically designed to be accessible by clients at their convenience.
  • Evaluation of conventional and none-conventional media impact and trend depiction.
  • Expert Support: based on multidisciplinary analysis of data, MEMPEI experts are often assigned to support clients on site with specifically designed interventions.
  • Crisis Rapid Response: MEMPSI deploys high quality teams to respond to crisis situations encountered by its clients utilizing our research to effect change.
  • Image Repair and Building: based on deep understanding of the issues involved in improving client’s image, MEMPSI develops and implements campaigns to build and improve positive reputation.

MEMPSI also focuses on research-based Strategic Communications and Strategic Planning

Research for policy:

  • Media Monitoring – content monitoring, content analysis, popularity of and confidence in communication channels, TV viewership, newspaper readership, social media consumption and engagement.
  • Data gathering and analysis: desk research, focus groups, structured in-depth interviews, and polling (longitudinal as well as need-based).

 Engaging the Experts:

  • Facilitating Exchange of Ideas in open forums: MEMPSI arranges open forums in its headquarters in a quiet residential area in Amman where free and frank discussion is encouraged between local, regional, and international thought leaders and visitors.
  • MEMPSI organizes topical specially designed private sessions based on need and exclusively by invitation only.
  • Public and private lectures and seminars